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When You Are Mad at a Room

Generally, the room that a tragic event happened it brings emotions. Lots of them, and it’s no different for us.

looking out a window

Generally, the room that a tragic event happened it brings emotions. Lots of them, and it’s no different for us.

Our first home in Ontario brought many memories. We made lots of incredible memories. It was a stepping stone to our new life. We FaceTimed our walk-through, chose it from 26 hours away. It was an adventure. An adventure that our entire family loved.

Until September 1st. I remember exactly where I stood when I heard that scream. I remember exactly where he was crouching down, where I took him to try and cool off. The words the operator told me and how scared I was when he let me go. The coffee table he laid on and found comfort from. It’s all burnt into my mind. The window I looked out waiting for help to arrive. The spot where first responders wrapped him up, leaving our floor covered in goop.

The spot, when we came back to our home, that had a pot mark burnt into it from where it landed. The floor that was rippled because it had been waterlogged.

The emotions. The fear, inadequacy, sheer terror, and just having no idea what to do, what will happen and how things will turn out.

The home that once was a stepping stone to a huge adventure, a place with incredible memories, the place that was home base after more adventures had suddenly become a place of terror and I couldn’t go back. We ended up breaking our lease – and our landlords were incredibly understanding – and moved. I couldn’t continue to face it. I never ever wanted Timothy to have to face it because I have no idea what emotions that would bring up for him.

I try to remember the fun times, but it’s hard when the last moments spent in this place were agonizing. Whether it’s the accident, having to face the place, having to pack everything up while being uncertain of our future

Timothy running with daddy around the kitchen island

I found this photo a while ago, which is what I think prompted this.My heart starts pounding when I look at it. That kitchen. That Stove. The floor that ended up almost having to be replaced. And my sweet, sweet boy. I so badly with I could trade places with him so he wouldn’t have to deal with any of this.

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