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Do you ever wonder why our medical life is basically all we talk about? Why it’s pretty much our main focus and the core of, well, everything.

When you have a new baby, it takes up all of your attention and that’s all you talk about for a while. New exciting job? You bet you’ll talk about it lots. Just got Married? Lots of new adventures to talk about. Medical Child? So much to say.

Here is the difference though. Newborns, grow up and the new baby excitement fades. New stages will come. That new job? It can really only get talked about so much. Married? Eventually, things plateau and occasional stories will get shared that really stand out. Medical Child? That stays.

I would love to share about the abundance of Photography Sessions I booked, the fun evening out with friends, the impromptu weekend vacation we went on, but the reality is that it just does not happen. Making commitments that affect other people is hard, an evening out would still bring more stress than relaxation and impromptu stuff? Um, how about the incredible amount of stuff we need to pack? Calculate how much we need of what, make sure everything is set, emergency supplies are up-to-date. See where it loses its appeal? We bought tickets for an event not long ago, and only half of our family could go because Ethan ended up being sick.

It Pretty Much Takes Over

So why is our medical stuff, appointments, milestones hit or missed, sleepless nights, hospital trips, therapies, etc almost everything we have to talk about? Because it’s basically all we’ve got right now. We have the occasional fun story to share, and they’re incredible! Our reality, however, is that the boys’ needs and care have almost taken over every aspect of life. I remember thinking that having a baby would help out family “normalize” a little and not everything would be about burn care/survival. Having a medically complex baby was not what we had in mind, at all. But we make it work because both boys are worth every single ounce of effort.

So Now What?

I have no idea. I imagine one day we will have stories to share that will be similar to yours, and I look forward to that. Right now, however, what we’ve got is what we’ve got. Just remember, that if you’re tired of hearing all about it, just imagine how exhausted we are living it, on a daily basis. So give us medical mamas some slack. We’re trying out best.

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