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When everyone came rushing in

The other day I saw a Police car racing past us, then a firetruck, then the ambulance.

Instantly I was brought back to December 12th, when I called 911 as Ethan was not coming out of his seizure. I had called 911 before, I knew the rundown, quickly double checked to make sure our front door was unlocked which was easy as I can see that from the living room, where we were.
What I wasn’t prepared for was for Police officers to walk into my living room. My first reaction was something alone the line of “what on earth are YOU doing here?!” Because let’s be real, I was expecting Paramedics, not the Police.

Then firefighters came barging in. NOW WHAT?! Really? Not only was I beyond worried about my seizing child but why is my house filling with everyone but the people I called?
Then, at last, the ambulance showed up. Phew.

The Officers checked with the Paramedics to see if they’d need help, and then left. Most of the firefighters left, except one. He ended up going in the back with one of the Paramedics to help with Ethan.
I remember we were finally ready to leave, he had settled a bit and we transferred him into the ambulance when they said to wait. The only response I was getting from the driver, who was now sitting there waiting for another ‘go ahead’ that he’s in good hands.
He casually asked me “I guess you’re pretty used to this hey?” I know he meant well, but……

Finally, we were ready to go. They rushed him to the ER. There was a car in one of the intersections that wasn’t moving – jerk! Just, move.
When we got to Emerge they were bagging him. He had gone back into seizure and they didn’t like the way he was breathing, so they gave him some support. I was not prepared to see that.

The next hour and a half are a mixture of a blur that I can perfectly remember, but not really. It was a calm chaos as they worked to stabilize him. Get IV access, get the meds he needs, assess, ask questions, try not to pass out (that was me. trying not to pass out. Sitting there, sobbing, pins and needles in my limbs).

The other day I saw a Police car racing past us, then a firetruck, then the ambulance. And suddenly a wave of memories and emotions overcame me and sucked me into the deep waters.

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