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What’s in our Emergency Bag

medical emergency bag

Having a medically fragile child means you need to be ready to leave at any moment to deal with a trip to the doctor or emergency room. When life gets chaotic one thing we don’t want to worry about is quickly packing up all the necessities for Ethan, so we always have a bag ready to go. Unfortunately, we’ve had to re-pack it countless times as it gets used, but fortunately it’s made our emergent trips a little less stressful.

Here’s what we generally have in his Emergency Bag:

  • Extra Feed Bag
  • Water
  • Wipes
  • Diapers
  • Button-Up Sleepers (button-ups are a lifesaver during admissions. They allow for easier access to wires)
  • extra formula
  • thickener for his formula
  • hand sanitizer
  • notepad and pen
  • sanitizing wipes
  • masks
  • Ethan’s Emergency Paper (this outlines his medical history/diagnosis’, medical contacts, medication, allergies and feed instructions)
  • a couple of toys
  • his bag of little supplies (pictured below)
  • I also added a few snacks for myself, an extra shirt, a light blanket for Ethan and a phone charger
This little bag holds an extra extension, Duoderm, Mepilex, Oral Swabs, Syringes, Tape, Split Gauze, GripLok etc.

Having this bag packed and ready to go makes things a lot easier when we’re rushing out the door to get Ethan the help he needs, and makes our time in the ER a lot easier, as we actually have what we need and we are not left scrambling to make due without.

If you have a child that is at risk of emergent medical issues, I would suggest packing a bag like this with the supplies you would need and placing it in an easy-to-access spot. We take it with us as well when we go somewhere for longer.

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