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Time Will Tell – don’t tell me that

They say hindsight is 20/20.
And it’s true.

2 years ago we were waiting, anxiously, for our tiny newborn to have open heart surgery.
They would expose his tiny heart, stop it and work so carefully to re-align things to how they should be.

They left out many details. For our sake. We’ve learned since just how incredible intricate this work has to be. That the slightest mistake would have meant our baby would not have come home.

What we also didn’t realize was the value of a plan. We had a problem and a plan. A way to fix it. While we were anxious, panicked and had absolutely no idea about what was ahead, the team had a solid plan. They knew. His surgeon was so well known for his ability in this specific surgery, that the team waited till he was able to do it.

Today, we are finding ourselves in a situation of full uncertainty. We don’t know how things will go. The team doesn’t either.

“Time will tell” has been a phrase we’ve heard more than I ever wanted to when it comes to the health of my child.

Time will tell which skills he will relearn. If he’ll walk. If and when he’ll eat. Time will tell __

The uncertainty is so hard, and I wish the future me could come into the present and tell me it’ll be alright. That he will walk, talk, eat. That we will settle, be less stressed and that things will keep improving and stay well.

But I guess, only time will tell.
And I can’t stand that. I hate that phrase, so don’t say it to me 🤣

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