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The world changed a year ago

A year ago the world changed.
Mass hysteria swept over the world and shelves were emptied. People panicked and their selfishness came out my buying way more than they need – have we realized yet that we don’t need to empty the shelves of Toilet Paper?

A year ago history was made.
Things changed so rapidly.
Hospital caregiver restrictions came into play, March break would end up being the longest it’s ever been.
The world was in total panic.

Ethan and I were at the hospital when it all started (no shortage of TP there, haha)
I didn’t see first hand how chaotic the world was but I heard all about it, and felt worried about the fact that I had zero control over how things were at home, what supplies we had and making sure we really had everything I thought we needed for when we came (doing it yourself and instructions someone else do do it from 300km away just isn’t the same).

I remember the medical parents saying “oh look, everyone is joining our norm” when it came to fearing a virus. Suddenly we didn’t look quite as crazy anymore.

A year ago things forever changed.
We’re still in the midst of it, but even when it’s “over” it will continue to affect many.

For some it will end up becoming a bad memory and they’ll get goosebumps thinking about it.
Some will feel grief, still.
Some, like us, will continue to deal with all the resources and supports this took from our child during a time of desperate need and what that means for him long-term, all while acknowledging the need to keep him and others safe. We will have residual exhaustion from doing so many things alone – try being all along when your child is really sick. Try suddenly taking on SO many more than you thought you ever could.

A year ago most didn’t think we would be where we are today.
Still in the midst of it.

I have so many emotions about how this year has gone, but I’ll spare you all that.
I simply wanted to acknowledge the fact that it’s been a year.

So I guess, happy 1 year anniversary of the entire world changing due to a tiny little particle.

Still think “little you” can’t make a difference? Think again.

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