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Sometimes Breastfeeding Looks Different

Our feeding journey has been a difficult one.
I was never able to breastfeed with Timothy. I was never able to pump. I got one ounce. That’s it. I was determined to have better results this time around.
I educated myself more and had much more confidence. Ready to go and take on this task, along came our beautiful baby boy and I was determined. Then life came crashing down.

The hospital staff was so supportive not only when it came to Ethan, but also myself. They were so encouraging with the whole pumping process. I pumped religiously every 3 hours and my supply was booming. We left the hospital a month later with 2 big freezer boxes full of milk. That was extra. He got fed all day and we froze the extra. I now have 6 months of pumping under my belt. He was able to physically breastfeed for a short time, but pumping has been my primary way of production.

It’s hard. I have wanted to quit countless times, especially during hospital admissions. It’s an exhausting process yet I have my mind set to keep going.

Our feeding process looks different. Pump, fortify for extra calories and technically pump again, this time straight into his belly 😉 It’s not your usual Breastfeeding Journey, but it’s ours, it’s unique and I’m so proud of it 💪🏻

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