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Rehab Take 2 – Week 3

Family Team Meeting: where every team member gets together, connects with local resources if wanted/available and we talk about goals, struggles, improvements, and discharge. We knew coming in it would be a 4 week admission, so the discharge date of August 14th was not a surprise to us, unlike last time.

Daddy had planned on coming out for the day and attend the meeting but big brother ended up breaking his arm while playing and needed daddy’s full attention. He was a total trooper through it all and gets to sport an extra accessory for the next two months

Ethan did incredible during therapy this week. He worked so hard, let therapists handle him so well (but only if mommy wasn’t in the room, because the moment he sees me he wants me and only me).

Sleep continues to be a struggle, so we continue to try and figure that out for him.

Saturday was really exciting, as Ethan got to go swimming! The water is so good for him and he had a blast! It was so fun to see him splashing around and floating like he’s the king of the pool haha

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