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Rehab Take 2 – Week 2

After ending our first week on a rougher note, we adjusted meds again and things settled a bit. Our plan for consistent sleep still needs some tweaking, as we still haven’t found that secret potion.

We attempted Magnesium, which often helps people sleep, but Ethan being Ethan woke up at 12:30am that night and proceeded to party all night long. So that plan got scrapped.

This week has consisted of LOTS of walking the halls. Well, mommy walks, Ethan is cozy in his stroller. He wants to be in constant motion and has fallen asleep for his nap while walking several times, when his body finally gave in and rested.

There had been a huge struggle with his tolerance for OT. I was noticing that he was doing better with his other therapies, whose therapists were from his previous admission, so we did a trial session with his old OT and it went so much better. She now also had room for him, so we decided to switch over. And guys! Starting on Friday therapy has been incredible! He is participating, letting them handle him and doing so so well. I can’t be in the room because the moment he sees me he wants mommy, but I have full confidence in the team and they’re incredible with him so mommy gets little breaks while Ethan works on his skills.

We ended week 2 with a visit from daddy and big brother, which was a beautiful refresher and much needed.

Week 3, here we come 💪🏻

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