0 In Ethan Strong/ Our Brain Injury Journey

Rehab Take 2 – Week 1

On July 20 Ethan was readmitted for a short term intensive therapy admission at Holland Bloorview.

Due to the lack of community therapy given the worlds current happenings and how it was affecting Ethans progress his local team thought it would be great to try an admission and his referral was accepted and we came about a week later.

It’s definitely been a huge adjustment and he has struggled with the transition quite a bit his first week, but we have slowly seen him come out of his shell and become more comfortable with his new environment.

Outdoor playroom time has become his favourite

Most of his team is the same as last time, which definitely helps as they already know him so well. We have seen him be more eager to try some new things while here even during his first week. The incredible amount of encouragement he gets from all his girlfriends certainly helps!

His weekend was rough. We attempted some slight med changes which he did not tolerate well at all it seems, so we’re going back to how his dosing was before which will hopefully help settle things down a bit more again. We did get to see Daddy and Timothy for a visit this weekend which was great! Even tho he slept through most of it

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