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ethan in play room at kids rehab

I started these recaps by giving a daily overview, however after several weeks came to realize that days are pretty repetitive and not every day comes with something crazy to share – which is fine! Boring is good. So now these are more weekly highlights, to document some of the most important moments that happened during the week.

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We got a nice walk outside the hospital when the weather warmed up and Ethan absolutely loved it. We’ve said many times that this admission would definitely be easier if it were summer because then we would be able to spend more time outside, but we’re trying to make the best of it, which includes going outside for walks when the weather allows it.

We found a safer way to have Ethan in the pool and he had a blast! This little “device” gives him the freedom he longs for while keeping his little face out of the water. It took him a little time to figure out that he can freely move around, but once he did he went wild! And it’s much easier on his body, especially his knees as he constantly kicks his legs hard and straight, which, try it a few times, isn’t easy on the knees.
I love finding ways to let him love life. It’s so refreshing for all of us and brings so much joy. Because look at that face

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The Therapeutic Playroom at @hollandbloorview is somewhat magical. It gives Ethan so many opportunities to play in a safe environment that also helps him learn more skills. Kids learn through play, there is no doubt about that.
Whenever the playroom is open and he’s awake with no therapies, this so where we’re at. He absolutely loves it and it has definitely played a crucial part in his recovery.
We’ve been trying him in the corner chair. It took a bit of extra motorization but we got it set up so he can work on that core strength and head control. I managed to snap a photo at the perfect moment, where he was sitting beautifully and proud 💪🏻
Not quite sure how we’ll entertain him even half as well when we get home. The standards are being set real high

Shane and Timothy got one last visit in before restrictions are being put in place due to everything that’s going on right now. It was a much-needed visit and we spent most of Sunday walking at the park.

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