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Our final week at Rehab.
It’s been a busy week; finalizing so many things for home, getting training, figuring out some future/follow-up care. When we first arrived I did not anticipate how much work going home would be.

His discharge banner has been out by the nursing station, being signed by all his lovely friends. Hands-on learning was in full force, med schedules being adjusted and discussed, prescriptions sent in.

We had our discharge team meeting on Tuesday. It’s all real. It’s happening. We will be coming home, and (please, hopefully!) staying home!

Life will be VERY different, but it will be at home. Our next chapter is about to begin.

I’m trying to make a point to capture and remember the important little details here. He’s had this shark on his whiteboard. He LOVES baby shark and it’s become his nickname here. Bloorview was (and will continue to be) a life-changing experience for him, it will forever be a huge part of his story, so even small details like this matter.

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