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Please stay home if you’re sick


I know you’ve heard this a million times, and you’re probably sick of hearing it but please, stay home if you’re sick. I am serious.
There are babies, children, and adults dying daily due to illnesses that are a slight inconvenience to you.

Your cough? It could be an RSV diagnosis for a baby and shut down their lungs.

Your “mild case of pneumonia”? It could be fatal for that little guy you saw the other day, wearing a mask who you thought was probably contagious and shouldn’t be out and about.

Did you puke a couple of times last night? It could claim the life of an immunocompromised person.

We are not being ‘dramatic’ when we keep telling you to stay home. Our children’s lives are on the line here.

Please stay home. And if you must go out, wear a mask. Wash your hands. Is what you are leaving the house for really that important, that it could risk someone’s life?

Now, yes, it may be ‘inconvenient’. But guess what? That is nothing compared to sitting next to your critically ill child. And possibly not getting to take them home.

It takes a village to raise a child.
It also takes a village to keep the vulnerable ones alive.
Please stay home. Because we want our kids home, not just their memories.

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