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Please Pray

I’ve lost count how often I’ve sat in a parking lot, hallway, hospital bathroom and taken a deep breath. Shed some tears and then taken that deep breath. Then I shake it off and keep going. 
And things are ever changing. 
After reviewing his X-ray, as well as his last few, the paediatrician doesn’t think the spot on his lungs is new, but moreso scarring from all of his lung issues now. 
She thinks he’s got a virus that he’s struggling with that has/is also causing his asthma to flare up again. 
He’s still tachypneic and indrawing so we’ve increased his ventolin. He’s been able to come down on some of his O2 support, is off his IV antibiotics for now and it’ll be a matter of seeing his breathing and sats return to baseline. 

Cold and flu season sucks. 
He’s miserable and tired. Not having pneumonia again is great, however scarring on the lungs is not good either and it’s clearly making things harder for him. Hopefully respirology will see him quickly. 

It’s okay to not know everything, but not knowing everything when it comes to your child’s health is not a good feeling. It definitely puts us in a place of learning to trust God, and the experts he has placed in Ethans life (while also knowing when to advocate and push hard.) 

Please pray for Ethan, for healing and that his little lungs would fully recover. Also for the rest of us, as this constant hospital life definitely takes a toll on us all

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