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National Air Ambulance Week – Ornge Transport

ethan hugging Ornge Flyin' Lion

After 3 experiences with a team that were all exceptional, you know this is no one-time fluke. The standard of care is high and consistent at Ornge.

Ethan had his first Ornge Life Flight at 6 hours old after being born with an unexpected critical heart defect, requiring an urgent transfer to SickKids Hospital in Toronto. Handing your critically ill newborn to strangers to transport 300kms without you is gut-wrenching. Knowing these strangers will take excellent care of him helps. Flying is a much more efficient way of getting patients to where they need to go, and in situations like these, time is of the essence.

Despite continuing medical issues, we never imagined we’d need another Life Flight from Ornge, however in September 2019, Ethan went into respiratory distress and needed to be flown to the London Paediatric Critical Care Unit. The team let me come along and kept me in the loop the entire time. The were so good to us all, making sure we would get to London as fast as we could so he could get the specialized care he so desperately needed.

View of the Hospital shortly before we landed in September 2019

We thought we were surely done with Life Flights.

December 2019. Ethan required urgent transport after a prolonged seizure episode which was caused by a rare Viral Brain Inflammatory Disease. This is where our Brain Injury journey began. Once again, Ornge took excellent care of Ethan. They let me fly along as part of his care team, asking me questions to get the best sense of what he needed. Several times they looked to me, asking what I thought was happening, if he was seizing again, as I know him the best.

Each time, the team efficiently transported Ethan to where he could get the best treatment, while taking excellent care of him.

You never want your baby on a Life Flight (let alone 3), but we found comfort in Ornge’s next-level care every time. AND, would you believe it if I told you that he had the same flight paramedic each time?! What are the chances!

Words will never be able to express how grateful our family is for Ornge. Without them, Ethan would not be where he is today.

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