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#MightyTimothy October 7th, 2019

Special Needs Mom Blog Canada

This sweet young man deserves so much credit. He goes with the flow, adapts, rarely complains. He is so invested in Ethans life and has created the sweetest bond with him.
When things go wild, he seems so sturdy. It’s hard to say how he is REALLY feeling because he’s 5 and is limited in how much he understands his emotions, but from what we can tell he’s overall handling it like a champ.
Of course, he has his moments where he acts out, struggles and gets overwhelmed but what 5 year old doesn’t? Especially one whose baby brother is medically complex.
So, if you see a medical sibling, give them a hug, high five, fist pump. Tell them they’re valued, special and are doing a great job. Because they are.

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