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Mama Said Don’t Give Up

This shirt.
Some days I wear it because I’m proud of the fact that this is how I feel.
Some days I wear it because I need the reminder.
Some days I wear it just cause it’s what’s I grabbed and then I needed the reminder after all.
Some days I wish I was wearing it because I could really use the reminder of it.
Not giving up.
It’s easier said than done some days.
It’s not an easy thing to feel when your 2 1/2 year old is clinging onto life and you can’t even recognize him. It’s not an easy thing to feel when your not even 5 pound baby is getting his tiny heart fixed, when he’s seizing, when he can’t breathe and you fear for his life all over again. When you’re tired. Just plain old tired because life keeps throwing you punches and you can’t fix it all.
Today I wear this shirt because I desperately need the reminder. I’m wearing it, snuggling my sweet babe who, not even a week ago, was life flown to the critical care unit, once again, and we had no idea what was going on. Snuggling him because he feels lousy and snuggles are the only thing I feel I can really give right now to help him through this.
I need the reminder today. Maybe you do to.
I won’t give up.
You can’t give up.
We’ve got this. It may not feel like it some days, but we do 

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