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Let’s talk about sleep after Brain Injury

Can we talk about sleep?
Ethan used to sleep a solid 12 hours every night. 2+ daytime naps. He slept consistently and well. Some days he definitely slept more than others but his body has always been dealing with more than the average baby. Since brain injury, sleep has been a nightmare.

Sleep issues after brain injury are common. And boy did it hit us hard. We have struggled with nighttime sleep for the last 8 months. Naps are bad too. Sometimes it’s a bit better, sometimes it’s really bad. The only consistent thing about his sleep has been that it’s bad. A bad night’s sleep means bad naps means bad night, creating this vicious cycle. Then it increases his tone, which makes it even harder to sleep. Add a lower seizure threshold, irritability, less effective therapy sessions.

We’ve tried several different things and talking with other brain injury parents, it can be a battle for sure. Optimizing his tone meds definitely helped overall, but most nights it’s still a struggle. I never imagine that a brain injury could affect SO many different things.
Everyone is affected differently, and things are ever-changing. We’ve seen so many changes in the last 8 months. Some good, some not so good. Some that give us hope, some that worry us about how it will affect his future.
I know that consistent sleep will definitely help, so that’s a huge goal, one we desperately need to get right (and then just when we get it he will change and we’ll have to go back to the drawing board right?)
All we can do is keep taking things one day, and one (sleepless) night at a time

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