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Timothy in Legoland

Timothy loves LEGO, so when we were trying to find things to do this past weekend, we knew that we should give Legoland a try. It was a hit!
Timothy loved building cars with daddy and racing them. His favourite part was when he’d run over Shane’s car with his – which 5-year-old boy wouldn’t love that?

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto was the perfect get-away for our lego-obsessed little man. He was allowed to build things as he pleased, go on rides, see incredible things built that inspired him greatly (and he got a delicious Hot Dog for lunch, haha)

With so much revolving around Ethan and his needs, we try to find things like this that help Timothy feel just as valued and give him some wonderful memories. While we acknowledge it’s not all about going on crazy outings and buying things, there is definitely a place for that, and this was absolutely one of those times.
Plus, as a personal accomplishment, we managed to leave without adding anymore LEGO to his already large collection 😉

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