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Keeping our Kids Safe: A Few things to keep in mind

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As parents we do our best to keep our Children safe. We research Car Seats, Strollers, buy all sorts of little gadgets we think will keep our precious bundle far from harm. 

Keeping our children safe by knowing the hazards is the first step to preventing injury, or worse. Did you know that most accidents happen in the living room dining room and the most serious accidents happen at the stairs and, you guessed it, the kitchen. Young Children have not developed the sense of danger the way older Children and Adults have, therefore they are at much greater risk of injury.


Falls are the most common household accident cause. It’s estimated that 44% of accidents are due to falls; these include stairs, cribs, furniture such as chairs and beds. The best way to prevent these is to make sure the crib is lowered according to their needs (their shoulders should not be higher than the crib rail) baby gates for stairs and proper strapping into chairs.


Medication and Chemicals need to be kept out of reach, preferably in a locked-up cupboard that cannot be reached. This includes Vitamins, Eye Drops, Make Up, Essential Oils. Laundry and Dishwasher Pods are colourful, they look like Candy to little eyes. It is also important to know what plants are in your house, as some of them are poisonous and can hurt your child.


Did you know that children can drown in less than 3cm (1.5in) of water? Never leave your Children unsupervised while they are around bodies of water. Bath time is you and baby time. Buckets need to be empty. Ponds and Pools should be secured to ensure your child cannot have access.

Suffocation and Chocking

We all know that little ones stick everything into their mouths, which leaves us running after them constantly taking things out of their hands. Make sure toys are age appropriate and that cords, phone chargers, etc. are out of reach. Keeping animals out of your babies rooms is also important to ensure the animal doesn’t lie across your newborn baby. 

scalds and burns

As most of you know, this one hits a HUGE nerve. 100,000 Children get scalding injuries in their own homes every year in the U.S. alone.  Never hold a hot drink and your child at the same time. Hot Bath water is responsible for the highest number of fatal and serious scalding injuries among young children, so always check the temperature before allowing your child in the bath or shower. 

Open fires, hot irons, straighteners, cigarettes, matches, and lighters are also some ways Children can get injuries, which means there needs to be a good distance between them and your little, even as they are cooling down.

The Kitchen. This is where the nerve hits. Big time. Keep your Children out of the Kitchen whenever possible, use the rear elements when cooking and keep the handles away from the edge. It takes one second for your child to reach for the pot of boiling water and pull it down. Trust me. You will think that it will never happen to you. It can leave your child seriously injured and may even be fatal. Besides keeping your Children out of the Kitchen and using the rear elements, I am a huge advocate that every household with children should have a Stove Guard. This prevents your child from being able to pull anything off the Stove – it’s not to be used as the security, but as an added security. 

There are different styles of Guards, and while they may not look the prettiest, they could save your Child and Family from a major tragedy.

Please know that there are MANY more important safety facts that were not talked about. It’s not because they don’t matter to me, but there is SO much to know, that I wanted to start somewhere and these ones stood out to me at the moment. 

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