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It hits so suddenly

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Today in one of the Facebook groups I’m in, a mom asked how her daughter could have gotten sick so fast. She went to school fine that morning and she was really sick in the ER that same afternoon.
So many comments told a similar story. It all happened so fast.

That’s our story too.
Ethan went down for his nap perfectly fine that day. This was him the day prior. Only to be found seizing in his crib 2 hours later. His owlet, charging in our room instead of on his foot because it just doesn’t charge fast enough.

I remember the rescue meds. Calling 911. Them working on him for so long. It was the first time we had been through a prolonged seizure, or even had to call 911 for one, and while this one was the worst he’d had, little did we know what had just started.

I’ve been thinking about his treatment. It took 12 days. 12 days till he started getting the treatment that would specifically target the Encephalitis because initially no one was too worried about what had just happened.
He was a child with epilepsy, after all, who had just received enough rescue meds to knock out a grown man. But one we started to realize something else was happening, we needed to try and piece it together. Post Viral encephalitis is rare, which didn’t help our case and I’ve wondered if that delayed treatment (which isn’t anyone’s fault) has impacted him negatively, because the sooner you treat the encephalitis, the better.

It just happened so fast.
But that’s how tragedies strike. Suddenly. Out of nowhere. At least for most of them. There’s always something that suddenly comes up that drastically shifts things.
In the blink of an eye things changed so drastically, and I’ve tried to see if there was anything we missed that could have changed how things played out, but there really doesn’t seem to be. And that bothers me, I won’t lie. You’d figure it would reassure me, but somehow it doesn’t. Because as a mom, why couldn’t I see this coming. Why couldn’t I help.

So how does one go from seemingly healthy so critically ill so fast?
I don’t even know.
But it happened.
And it leaves me feeling very vulnerable because who is to say it won’t happen again.

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