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I Don’t Know How You Do It

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I hear those words all the time. “I don’t know how you do it.” With every new Diagnosis, hospital trip and test. “I don’t know how you find the strength for this” as the days, weeks, months pass. As hospital admissions add up and meds get increased. “I just can’t imagine everything you’re dealing with” as we share daily struggles, share prayer requests and deal with emergency situations.

I Don’t Know Either.

I don’t know how I do it either. From the moment we got that life-changing diagnosis. When we heard the words “he had a stroke”. When we had to hand him into the hands of strangers. “I don’t know where I find the Strength” when a clinic visit turns into yet another admission. When plans get changed again due to an emergency. When the scale gives us numbers we don’t like. When the temperature rises. “I can’t imagine it either” the struggle, the watching your baby in pain, the constant worry.

You don’t know how I am doing this and most days, neither do I. I just do it. I draw up those meds, make those trips, prep the feeds, do the therapy, smile when I want to break down and cry, learn the language, become an advocate, make the best out of every situation. He has to, so I do too. Because I love him, and because we don’t have a choice.

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