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“How can you be grieving when your child is still here?”

That’s a question I’ve gotten.
A question I imagine lots of people ask themselves when I post anything about the grief that comes with brain injury.

But it’s real.
It’s weird.
It doesn’t even really make sense to me.

We feel a significant sense of loss.
Loss of who Ethan was.
Loss of who he would be right now, what he would do.

There is grief that comes with brain injury.
With having a medically complex child.

I don’t even fully understand it.
I look at him and sometimes feel immense sadness, then confusion.
Because he’s here.
Why am I sad?
But it’s not the OLD Ethan. He’s different. He’s not how he “should” be.

I feel weird posting about the grief, because he IS here. I always think of the parents whose children are no longer here. And their grief. And the real ness of it.
But then ours is real too.
And confusing.

So bear with us while we navigate this.
It doesn’t really make sense.
To you, or me.

But it’s real, I can tell you that much.

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