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Hospital Hallways – This one brings Hope

holland bloorview hallway

I’ve stared at hospital hallways lots. Normally it’s to wait. Or to take a moment to breathe.
It’s waiting to see how my child did with his procedure, waiting to see him, waiting to hear news about his future. Take a breather from the stress, chaos, despair that can come with all the medical complexities that have been thrown our way.

I’ve walked lots of hospital hallways. Lots. To the point where I could walk certain ones with my eyes closed.
This hallway is different. As I sit here, day after day it comes with reflection. What brought us here. How did we get to this point? What will the future look like? But sitting here also comes with hope, because behind those doors is a sweet 2-year-old, working so hard to regain his skills and make that progress we all so desperately want for him. Behind those doors are other children, having overcome so much, now working so hard to become stronger.

It’s so very different. This view will soon fade, as we return home. But the skills learned will come with us. The hope and determination will come with us. The reality is, I will stare at and walk more hospital hallways. One day I may sit in this spot again. But I want to remember that this spot here, is a sign of hope.Improvement.Strength.

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