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Happy Heartiversary

ethans 1 year heart surgery anniversary

1 year ago at this time, we handed you over to a team of strangers, which did include 1 grey-haired, mostly bald man we had met for 10 minutes the evening prior. He sat in that chair beside your bed with such confidence and wisdom, telling me he’d try his best to make this my best birthday present ever. Meanwhile knowing all the risks that come with this.

1 year ago they stopped your tiny, tiny heart to work on it. We distracted ourselves, playing games and chatting with another mom in the waiting room once they told us we should be back in case you are done early. Which you weren’t. They took their time, which, in a sense was fine but I also wanted them to hurry, to know you’re okay and so we could see you. –

After 6 hours Dr. VanArsdell came to tell us the surgery had been a success and that you were doing alright. Your tiny heart was beating again, they just needed to wait for bleeding to stop and finish up.

2 hours later we got to see you again. So many tubes and wires, such a fragile little baby. Nothing prepares a parent for that view. –

1Year ago you got your chance at life. Without this scary day, we would not be where we are today. We would not have the chance to watch you kick butt and continue to show us what true strength is. –

Today is HUGE. 

I remember being so determined to not share a birthday with you, but a day like today I am honored to share. My birthday will never be the same.

Dr. VanArsdell, thank you for giving me the best birthday present ever. You’ve given a gift that cannot be exceeded (sorry to anyone who wants to try)

Happy 1st Heartiversary Sweet Boy <3

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