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We always try our best to find Products that work not only for Ethan’s developmental stage but his size as well, with him being smaller, there are more things we need to take into consideration. When we heard about the UpSeat and the Story behind it, we knew that it would a perfect tool to use for him. This Seat has several features that make it stand out from its competitors.

Steve and Kim, the creators of the Upseat, have a son named Jack who was born with a condition that made proper posture very important. They found several issues with seats on the market so they did what determined parents do, they set out to find their own way to help him.

All infants should have a seat that facilitates anterior pelvic tilt (is forward-tilted), and that widely splays their legs.  This will engage their core muscles, facilitate good posture, and prevent hip dysplasia.


They got in touch with some of the best Physio and Occupational Therapists and came up with a design that promotes everything a good seat should.

We absolutely love our UpSeat. We have tried seats, and Ethan did not like them. Neither did we. This one, we love. It works for even his small size, keeps him in proper posture and we can strap him into the seat, which keeps him nice and secure.

The other bonus is that it comes with straps to attach to a Chair, so we can use it as a Booster Seat at the table.

Ethan loves sitting in his UpSeat. He can easily use the Tray for play or mealtimes.

You can visit them on Instagram, Facebook or purchase your own seat through their website. Use code “SANDRA10” to save 10%.

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