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Firefly GoTo Seat – Giving Independence so Kids don’t miss out

ethan in goto seat

We recently got the GoTo Postural Support Seat from Firefly. After Ethans brain injury we knew we would need a seat for him that allowed us to normalize his life a little. We found the GoTo Seat and knew right aways that it was exactly what we needed.

The GoTo Seat allows Ethan to participate in more daily activities, so he doesn’t need to miss out. Versatile, comfortable and supportive, exactly what we need for him. It can be used with its floor seat or on it’s own, attached to shopping carts, chairs, wagon, swings, planes etc.

Ethan’s first Wagon Ride in his GoTo Seat

The other day we took Ethan for his very first Wagon ride! Something we didn’t think would be possible for a long time after his Brain Injury. It was so exciting! I can already see how beneficial the GoTo Seat will be for Ethan, and our entire family. It will give him the opportunity to get the most of out life, and that’s what we’re looking for. To give Ethan as many moments where he can participate like other kids his age do. It will look different for him, but that’s where we adapt. And that’s where the GoTo Seat comes into play.

This is not a sponsored post. This is just us sharing our love for this Seat, in hopes other families will be able to use it and get its benefits as well.

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