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Finally Making some Progress

While the holidays are great, when it comes to hospital life, it slows things down drastically.
Ethan has been switched to Oral Steroids, which he’ll be on for the next 5-6 weeks. It’s been making him extra irritable, which they say is a common issue. Combine that with his frustration of not being able to do some things that he wants, and our sweet little man has not been happy.

We’re basically waiting for the holiday slowness to be over so we can figure out his next steps. The brain injury nurse needs to come assess Ethan and then place the referral for Rehab.
Medically he’s been stable and well. His femoral line was taken out today and all his bloodwork looks good.

Neurologically, he has a long way to go. His little mind seems willing at times, but his body isn’t. He’s getting a referral to an optometrist as well as they’re having a hard time assessing his vision. We know he CAN see, the question is how FAR can he see. Can he see fine but just isn’t responding? Is he not seeing things at a further away distance and therefore not responding to those requests? Does his brain simply need more time? The answer to that one is yes, for sure. His brain is still very much irritated and has inflammation. This is us trying some tummy time to work on his neck strength.

It’s crazy to think how fast and hard this hit him. One moment he seemed fine, the next he wasn’t. His clock basically got reset, and it’s difficult.
We are so grateful to have answers and to still have him. He will be and is SO loved, no matter how long this journey takes.


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