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June 29 2018.

I was determined to do nothing that day. I had run around all week, so I needed a day off. In the afternoon I started to feel uneasy. I had not felt the baby move as much today, so I decided to lie down and do a kick count – and failed. I packed up Timothy and we headed for Labour and Delivery to get checked, figuring I was just feeling paranoid and everything was fine.

The nurse hooked me up to the non-stress test and we waited. No movement. His heart was beating nice and strong but something was not right. They called the OB who did a bedside Ultrasound. At this point Shane was on his way. The doctor looked at me and told me that this baby is coming today, in about an hour.

We called our friends and asked them if they could take Timothy, which they gladly did, and shortly after the ball started rolling to have our baby. I was a nervous wreck. We made it to 36w3d so I knew he would be okay, especially because he got the steroid shots for his lungs the 2 days before. I just wasn’t expecting for him to come right then.

I got all prepped for the c-section and more eager to meet our baby. At 8:41pm we heard the most beautiful cry. The OB said that he was small but mighty. Ethan Sloan weighed a beautiful 5lbs 1oz. We got to take a quick look at him, then my midwife got him cleaned up and assessed. After a few minutes she told that she was taking him to the special care nursery, which we expected seeing how he was a preemie.

The exact details of the next few hours are somewhat of a blur. I was tired, wanted my baby and was not getting sleep or baby cuddles. They came to update us, letting us know that Ethan was having some issues with his oxygen levels and was getting some support. We weren’t alarmed yet, as, again, it was not abnormal for a 36 weeker to need some support. The next update we got was that they had to intubate him, and that meant he would need to be transferred to  bigger hospital. They told us that sometimes little ones just need a few days of support – so again, no big worry yet. The vent and transfer started to be a little too much for me. I wanted my baby.

Shane left to fuel up the car and pack a bag that would accommodate being further away from home. While he was out and about, the Pediatrician came into my room and asked me where my husband was. In that moment, my heart sank.

His heart. Something was wrong with his heart and he would need to be flown by Helicopter to SickKids Hospital. The plan was to wait for the transport Team from London to bring him to Toronto. My whole world felt like it was spinning. I couldn’t believe it. We had now entered a world no parent ever wants to.

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