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#EthanStrong October 23rd, 2019 Update

We really haven’t made much progress with this dude from a respiratory standpoint this week, if anything, we’ve seen a decline in his status with sleepless nights but Moreso lots of horrible sounding coughing, congestion and this morning he became really rattly/wheezy with his breathing so I packed him up and took him to get reassessed. 
It was a quick visit, as the prognosis was quite clear: Bronchitis.

So we got new meds, increased one of his inhalers and the rest is strictly supportive treatment – saline, humidifier, fever meds and LOTS of snuggles. 
He just can’t catch a break and it makes my mama heart hurt. If I could trade places with him I would. His little body needs a break so it can heal and get stronger, but it just keeps getting bombarded with stuff no matter how hard we try. 
We’ll just keep taking things one day, one challenge at a time 🙏🏻

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