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#EthanStrong October 16th, 2019 Update

Timothy woke up with a bit of a stuffy nose this morning – lovely perks of Kindergarten.

Ethan has been coughing – expected with his pneumonia recovery, but overnight I started to notice he was getting more congested. He woke up coughing, extremely congested and running a low grade fever. 
He’s had a nursing visit today and so far his lungs sound clear, but he’s at a really high risk of this settling into his lungs so we are keeping a really close eye on his respiratory status. For the most part, he’s been in decent spirits so far, however we’re just at the beginning of this cold bout and hopefully we can avoid any big issues/complications.  

I would be lying if I said I’m not scared. We are just at the beginning of cold and flu season, his lungs are so fragile and we are trying to find the right balance of protecting him while still giving him a freedom to be an active, playing 15 month old. We just dealt with 2 critical care unit stays. He’s getting his daily breathing treatments and I’m giving him saline treatments as well to help break up the phlegm.
His lung health can also affect his heart health, and given his complex cardiac and neurological history, there are just so many things to consider and keep in mind. And worry about. 
He was supposed to have a couple of appointments at SickKids tomorrow but we’ve cancelled, as he can’t handle the extra exposure, plus there is no need for him to expose others. 

Please pray over protection for his lungs and for quick healing. His body is still recovering and now needs to deal with this too. Please also pray that the rest of us don’t get sick 🙏🏻

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