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#EthanStrong October 13th, 2019 Update

Respiratory Illness // it’s so important to talk about and raise awareness for. We never imagined it would be such a huge part of Ethans life – mind you we didn’t expect any of these non “normal baby” things. 

One of Ethans nurses is starting the process of getting us training on how to do a proper respiratory assessment, given his consistent struggle with it, she – and we agree – believes it’s an essential part in his care. It will give us the opportunity to monitor his lungs more closely and take action faster if issues come up…or when they come up? It will teach us the anatomy of lungs, where to listen and what to listen for. It’ll be quite the learning process but if it helps his care, it will get done, learned and done with precision. 

We have started “training” Ethan to be comfortable wearing face masks, so when we find ourselves in busy public settings it will keep him safer. He’s done incredible with it and has accepted it like a total champ. Which also is a reminder, if you see someone wearing a face mask, don’t have that look of “oh goodness, they’re contagious!” on your face, because most likely they are wearing that mask to keep themselves safe, not because they want to keep YOU safe. So don’t scurry away, give looks or avoid them. It’s awkward enough wearing a mask, lets make it less awkward by not being awkward 😜

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