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#EthanStrong November 21st, 2019 Update

Living that nebulizer life and taking it all like a champ 💪🏻
Our wee little man is home. We’re not quite back to baseline, but we’re getting there. Home will be good. He needs some good rest so his body can recover more. 
We’ve been in touch with Respirology and waiting to hear back from them for an appointment. The clinic nurse has been lovely and is trying her best to get him seen as soon as they’re able (it’s a busy place!). 
We have some social guests visiting tomorrow for something we’ve been working on behind the scenes (there’s several things in the works actually!) so we’re trying to prep for that while settling back into our home routine and while working on getting this little dude all the way better. Never a dull moment in our house. 

Please continue to pray that Ethan continues to recover and do well, and that his right lung specifically heals and has no further issues 🙏🏻


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