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#EthanStrong November 19th, 2019 Update

Yesterday Ethans breathing became more laboured again, he spiked another fever and his sats weren’t great so while the nurse was over we decided it’s time to get a good look at those lungs especially because they weren’t sounding as well either so I packed him up and brought him to emerge. 
They took him straight back and the RT was called. After some Ventolin, which didn’t help, a chest X-ray and bloodwork it seems to be the usual issue. Pneumonia, combined with his reactive airway, earned him an admission for IV antibiotics and oxygen. 
We caught the pneumonia part early, which is good. I’m guessing whatever he’s been battling this week decided to find its way into his lungs and because his right lung is weak already, it settled right in – not the kind of company you want!

Hopefully he bounces back soon and we get our smiley, playful baby back soon. I’ve loved all the extra cuddles this last week, but not at the cost of him not feeling well. 

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