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#EthanStrong November 19th, 2019 Update

it’s been a long day. We’ve had several trials off O2, been back and forth. He’s been off it for the last few hours, but night time will tell a bit more as that tends to be his biggest struggle. I have his little prongs in place so if he needs it we just need to turn it on and don’t need to bug him. 

He’s still quite tachypneic and laboured overall and has now started having awful coughing fits. He coughs like crazy, gets super flushed, sweaty and is absolutely drained after each fit. 

They repeated bloodwork today and will do bloodwork and chest X-ray again tomorrow morning. 

Goals for home are to stay off O2 and to get his breathing closer to his baseline so we know he’s heading in the right direction. 

Praying for a peaceful night and for those little lungs to settle and heal 🙏🏻 oh and some sleep, because somehow that always seems to be lacking during admissions 😅

PS: he’s staring to look more and more like Timothy, it’s crazy!

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