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Ethan Sloan, our brave warrior, was born June 29th 2018. He arrived one month early via emergency c-section and our hospital team soon discovered that his struggle to survive required a life flight to SickKids Hospital in Toronto. At only 6 hours old, a skilled transport team took our tiny newborn in hopes the team in Toronto would be able to save his life. 

Ethan was diagnosed with a Critical Heart Defect – Transposition of the Great Arteries as well as a hole in his heart. Learning that our little baby would require open heart surgery to save his life was a huge shock to our family. 


Prior to surgery, his medical team discovered that he had suffered a stroke,  most likely from his struggle after birth. On day 13 of life, we handed our sweet boy into the hands of very skilled strangers who worked their magic and gave our baby a chance to live and thrive! 2 weeks later we got to bring our baby home. His big brother was so thrilled to finally get to spend time with his baby brother outside of the hospital setting. 

Since his initial discharge, Ethan has continued to have various struggles. At 2 months old we discovered that he was aspirating while feeding (milk was going into his lungs, which is very dangerous) and he required to have his feeding tube again to keep him safe. 

In January 2019, his neurology team diagnosed him with Epilepsy and he has been on anti-seizure medication since.  He has dealt with many admissions due to infections and was finally able to receive his Gastromosty Tube in March 2019 – this feeding tube goes straight into his belly vs through his nose into his belly after another failed swallow study, showing that he was still not able to swallow safely. 


Ethan’s journey continues as he battles through weight issues, frequent infections, Epilepsy, Therapy, Feeding issues, and many doctors’ appointments. His specialty teams are 3 1/2 hours away in Toronto which means lots of driving, hotel stays, and food expenses. He will be followed by Cardiology his whole life, where his team will be keeping a close eye on his heart to make sure it keeps up well as he is growing. 

We have encountered many unexpected expenses over the last 14 months. Travel, admissions, food, hotels, supplies etc. While the hospital care in itself is free, there are many expenses that surround having a medically complex child. Some of those are covered, some partially covered and some need to be paid fully out of pocket. Any funds raised would be to help cover those expenses, so we can personally focus more on the daily bills that come with family life. Our goal with this would be to take some of the medical expenses stress off our plate so. This way we can focus more on the non-medical things that come up and also be able to do some family activities to keep things as normal as possible for both boys. 

We are so grateful for all of your support this far. 

Please continue to pray for health, healing and for this little boy to keep kicking butt! 

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