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#EthanStrong January 6th, 2020 Update

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Today was a rollercoaster.
He had a rough night. Woke up several times screaming, like, a brutal scream. It was scary.
He slept through most of the morning.
His afternoon was rough. He was extremely tachy, got mottled when he cried and his temp was up a bit. He was absolutely miserable. Everything kind of settled by evening.

Now. He’s a baby. He WILL do normal baby things. Like teething. Maybe it’s teething. Hopefully it’s that.

But. He’s at such high risk of aspiration pneumonia. He doesn’t swallow. But drools a lot. We have to strategically position him when he’s sleeping so the drool can’t pool at the back of his throat for him to choke on it. Yet he still does. Even when upright. And he could aspirate. And get sick.

He can’t get sick. His body needs health. His brain needs health.

We did some more at home PT today. During tummy time he lifted his head maybe half an inch. It’s improvement! He’s trying! His nurse said he seems more interactive, which is great! Baby steps. Literally.

He just needs to stay healthy, because sickness could set him back a lot.

No small “odd thing” will seem minor for a bit. Because my mama heart is paranoid.

But. We didn’t come this far just to come this far.


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