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#EthanStrong January 2nd, 2020 Update

We love Christmas, and we love handmade shops so when we saw that @beyou.company donated Shirts for the @chfhope Christmas Toy Drive I couldn’t help but pick one out for the boys. This shirt is so fitting.

Also, random fact, but Ethans hands are STINKY! He’s been keeping them tightly fisted ever since mid-December so they get sweaty and stinky no matter how often we try to clean them 🙈 we’ve been trying to have him hold onto things so he opens his grip a little. It’s all part of his healing process. His tension is part of his injury/illness and we hope that with time things settle back to his previous baseline, but it will take work.
He’s also super drooly! Soaked. Because his swallow is worse than it’s ever been so we have a little drool monster amongst us.

Look at the sweet smile he gave Timothy tho 🥰 he’s in there, we know it ❤️


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