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#EthanStrong January 16th, 2020 Update

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We’ve been keeping a bit of a secret, but now that I have it in hand:

Ethan is on the cover of the 2020 @teamornge Calendar. How cool is that?! He’s had 3 flights total:
When he was born.
In September 2019 due to Respiratory distress.
In December 2019 due to his prolonged seizure/autoimmune encephalitis.
He’s become a “frequent flyer”, given he is only 18 months. I haven’t had a single flight all my life, and I’m grateful for that! (I did fly along for his last 2, but that’s so different than being the patient).
This little guy has had 3! And he’s had the same Paramedic for all of them (hi Brandon! 👋🏻) Every time the team has taken EXCELLENT care of Ethan, and the rest of our family. Ornge will forever have a special place in our hearts. They have played a major role in Ethans life and we are so grateful for the work they have done and continue to do.
Here’s to hoping for no more flights! 🤞🏻
Like, really. Please 😅
We’re huge fans of @teamornge but wouldn’t mind if visiting the Base is the extend of our next meet up 😉
Who knows, maybe the next time he’s in a chopper, he’ll be the one flying it.
Look how cute he is tho on that cover 😍


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