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#EthanStrong January 10th, 2020 Update

Open Heart Surgery, 3 life flights, Feeding Tube, several critical care unit admissions, countless other admissions, bloodwork, pokes, tests, clinic visits, nursing visits, IV starts, ER visits, brain injury and more.

Actually, we have counted. And mostly kept track. Each beads represents part of his journey.

I remember hating the idea at first. Why would I want to remember. We’ve clearly come around to the idea. It’s surreal actually. To think of how much he’s been through. To think of how much we’ve been through with him. There were times we thought we may not make it, be it emotionally or the fear of actually losing him. But he’s conquered mountain after mountain.

We will keep going, one day at a time. One bead at a time and pray that with time, those strands will fill slower and slower 💪🏻🙏🏻
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