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365 Days of Bravery, Smiles and so much more.

What a huge milestone this is! There were days we didn’t know if we’d get to see this day. When you’re told your baby has a critical Heart Defect your mind wanders. Open Heart Surgery is terrifying. Strokes are Scary. Epilepsy is Hard. Being sick so often sucks. 

BUT. God is bigger, better and stronger. 

We’ve hit this incredible milestone. 

It’s been a HARD year, but every sleepless night has been worth it to help bring this sweet boy where he is today. 

Ethan Sloan, our Strong Warrior. You have lived up to your name. You’ve taught us how to fight, enjoy each day we’re given and have amazed us all. 

Each one of these beads represents an act of bravery. A poke, IV start, surgery, admission etc. 


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