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Ethan got his Upsee

Ethan says “check out my new gear!”
Last week we received Ethans Upsee.

It’s a mobility device by Firefly that allows children to move and stand upright with the help of an adult.

We took him for a short walk with it tonight. He even held Timothy’s hand for a bit 😭😭
We stopped by a bush as he explored. He felt it, shook it, simply loved it. It will give him the ability to do some of the things other kids his age do, like analyzing a bush during a family walk. It will also teach him the motion of walking. We absolutely love all products from Firefly, as they make their equipment really versatile, easy to use and stylish.

I must say, my feet got very tired as he’s still resisting the movement a lot, especially with his left side, we know that over time it will become easier for him and will open up his world even more.

I cannot wait to share more Upsee adventures with you guys

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