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Ethan December Update #2

We prayed, he answered!
Neurology came by this morning and Ethan’s MRI is clear! No damage! No changes! He told us he was expecting to see something, given Ethan’s state but his little brain is okay!

Now. Ethan is still very much presenting as a child with neurological issues. He said at this point it’s very unlikely that the meds are keeping him in this state. When Ethan gets agitated, it’s not a “leave me alone, fight back” agitated. He’s basically a 20-pound newborn, who sleeps a lot. It’s still a VERY concerning picture. They will be setting him up with a 24 hour EEG to see if he’s having subclinical seizures. He said that could explain why Ethan is “stuck”.

We are SO grateful his MRI looks clear. They will be consulting his regular neurologist as well and have them look over the images just to make sure nothing is being missed but they don’t believe anything will come up.

We are relieved, while still very concerned. It’s a massive rollercoaster right now. We haven’t really seen a lot of progress and are desperately waiting for that smile to reappear. We need answers. At this point, the expectation is that the longer EEG will give us the answers we need, and we’re praying we will because we need SOMETHING. We need HIM back.

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