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Don’t Close your eyes to the hurt around you

Did you know there is a worldwide Pandemic right now?
You did. How couldn’t you. It’s EVERYWHERE. It’s consuming everything. Everywhere you look, people are talking about it. Restrictions, closures, masks, distancing.

But guess what.
The rest of life is still there too.

Parents are still losing their kids.
Kids are losing their parents.
A Cancer diagnosis.
Heart disease.
Anxiety, grief, depression, house fires, floods. You name it.

It’s still there.
Those problems didn’t just go away.
They didn’t get put on pause to make room for the pandemic. That sucker just barged on in and took over.

But please.
Don’t forget about the non-pandemic pain around you.
It’s still there.
It’s still hard.
In fact, it’s probably harder because support systems are lost.

Imagine a mom, in the waiting room, alone while her child has surgery.
Imagine your neighbour dealing with depression and it spiralling because no one is there to notice.
The spouses and children worse off at home with nowhere to go because it’s not safe, but home isn’t either.

Don’t block that out.
I know we may not be able to physically go be with people, but find a way to be supportive.
Check in.

Because what’s starting is really bad too.
A mental health pandemic.
People burning out.
People suffering alone.

Don’t get too caught up in the chaos to not see the hurt that’s right in front of you.

And if you’re hurting, be brave and reach out.
And if someone reaches out to you, support.

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