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Dear one year younger me

Dear one year younger me,
It gets better.
You will learn to cope, mostly, with this new journey you’ve been given.
You will make it through.
He will learn how to grab those toys, how to roll, laugh, scoot along on the floor. Guess what, one year from now he will find his legs and will love the walker.

It won’t be easy, I won’t lie.
But, you will make it.
You won’t always feel okay.
There will be days you will want to quit, where it feels like it’s too much, but just hold on because something beautiful is coming.
Things will still be tough in a year, again don’t want to lie, but you will be stronger and will have learned so much. It’s worth the fight. You will have seen so many beautiful things unfold.

Dear one year younger me,
I know you’re tired. That won’t really go away (just being honest here) but push through. Keep pushing. Keep advocating.

Your time at rehab will be rough, but so rewarding. When you go home, it will really hit you, but you’ll be alright. You will adapt, even tho it may not feel like it at first. Trust me.

There is unknown, but there is hope. Trying to find the right balance of what to feel is tricky, so give yourself grace. Be gentle with yourself, you’re trying your best.

You will be challenged, stretched, pushed what will feel like beyond your limits but you will also grow. You will change, and find a you you didn’t realize existed. And that, that is worth so much and so beautiful. You just won’t always see it.

Dear one year younger me,
One year from now you’ll be reading through memories thinking “I did it” knowing all to well how you felt in the moments you wrote those posts.

Which then, as in right now one year later, in 2021, will also serve as a reminder that you can continue to do this, for another year, and many after that. That you need to keep pushing through, celebrate everything you’ve battled through and cling onto hope, because look at how far you’ve all come.

And you did not come this far to only come this far.

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