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Dear medical mom during Quarantine

Your role was already so big. Your plate so full. You’re a driver, therapist, cook, cleaner, receptionist, you name it. You did it, and did it with pride. Days were long, some really hard, but you made it. Day by day.

Enter quarantine.
You still need to wear all those hats, but some have now gone into overdrive. Your therapist role just exploded, because all that hard work that’s been put into your child’s skills will not go to waste.
You have less trips for appointments, yay. But when you do go, it’s that much more stressful. And what about the siblings?

The hardest part, is doing it alone. Because quarantine means little to no help, in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. So it’s all on your. You’re overwhelmed. You can’t get everything into one day. Some days you just say “screw it, we’re not worrying about ______ today.” You try to adapt their learning, their therapy, their everything.
The meltdowns. Kids missing their friends. Learning is hard, remote learning is harder.

Some days you want to throw in the towel. And who would really notice, cause you’re locked in your home anyways.

The loneliness gets to you. You need your circle. Your support. Helping hands. You need that hands on therapy to better your child’s quality of life. You need those doctors appointments to get a diagnosis, to get help, to make sure things are still okay.

The stress consumes you some days.

But let me tell you.
You’re not alone.
We’ve got you.
The best we can.
We can’t physically be there, but he can help with the feeling of loneliness, maybe. Even just a little.

Dear medical mom during quarantine,
I know you feel lonely. I do too.
But we’re not alone.

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