0 In CHD/ The Heart

Congenital Heart Defects

I didn’t know much about them until we didn’t have a choice to become an expert, because my child’s life depended on that knowledge. Up until then it was something I’d randomly see on social media but it didn’t affect us, until it did.

Suddenly it became our reality.
Open heart surgery.
Breathing tubes.
Countless pokes, tests, appointments, therapy. feeding issues, oxygen, the constant worry.

We had no choice but to dive head first into this scary world. A world that seemed distant not long ago. It took the length of a single conversation to completely change the course of what we thought our child’s future would hold.

My child is 1:100
Think about that. CHD is more common than all childhood cancers combined yet research funding is 10x less.
It’s an internal battle that is daily, and life long. A battle most cannot see because a shirt covers scars. A battle that’s not always pretty.

Tomorrow, join us in wearing red to support Heart Disease. Let’s make it seen, make it known, let’s save lives.
Because not only will that help everyone already battling this, but also those to come, which could include someone you love, or you.

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