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Choose your words wisely

timothy kneeling at park

Choosing the language our children grow up around is so important. It’s important we choose the language that lifts them up, encourages them, makes them feel included despite their differences.

Timothy has scars.
That is a fact.
We call them his battle wounds/scars. Because they’re a sign of what he’s survived. He says his scars made him stronger. He says his scars mean he can keep other kids from getting hurt. There must not be any shaming, talking down on them, none of that.

Ethan does and will use assistive devices. He may never walk “normal”. He has a disability, but that does not make him less of a person. Timothy having scars doesn’t make him less of a person. In fact, seeing how some adults seem to be dealing with this, it’s made him a better person than they are, and he is 6. And Ethan is 2.
If you talk down on either of my kids, you’re out.
No questions asked. And I don’t care if you’re family, friends, online acquaintances, or a random person at the grocery store. You do not get to limit my Children’s way of thinking for themselves and their abilities because of how you treat them or by what you call them.
Respect my children. Respect other children.Respect other adults. It’s not that difficult.
It’s 2020 guys, let’s be decent human beings, shall we.

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