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Being a Burn Patient is a lifelong journey. Being the Parent of a Burn Patient is a lifelong journey. It’s a heartbreaking one. It makes you stronger, more empathetic, but also wears you out and brings you to your limits.

It’s a journey I wish would go away. Reality is, it’s there, forever. The accident, permanent. Those first few months, permanent. Everything after, permanent. For the longest time, I did not want to keep anything that would remind me of our new reality. I figured letting that time just pass by would make things less….real? I was wrong. Those memories, scars, struggles, tears are still there, and they’re very real.

We have decided to make a book for Timothy. One that outlines his Burn Journey. It includes some very raw images of those first few days, the days I still could get myself to capture that journey. As I was working on those pages Timothy sat beside me. I wasn’t sure how he would react to seeing those photos. He’s seen a couple, we’ve talked about his accident, the Hospital stay and really any aspect he has asked us about when it comes to his burns. I was actually quite surprised at how interested he was. He did not mind at all and was actually really excited to talk about the photos. He continues to blow me away with his maturity and well-handling of everything.

I wasn’t too sure about putting this journey onto paper, making it really really permanent, but I think it’s going to be a big part of our family’s healing because it is a major part of our family dynamics. It’s making it more permanent, but also in a way takes away a certain level of control it has over us.

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