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Because we love them

We hold their hands, because we love them.

We hand them into the hands of someone else, because we love them.

We cry many tears and are overcome by many fears, because we love them.

Sleepless nights, research, missed meals, sloppy makeup, because we love them.

We hold them down for bloodwork, because we love them.

Give permission for procedures, tests, exams, because we love them.

We struggle with nightmares. Memories. Current Traumatic Stress disorder (because it’s not the past, it’s our present), anxiety, panic attacks.

We doubt our ability to make the right decision. We ask questions, poke holes in theories and don’t take no for an answer when we know there’s more to do. Because we love them.

Sometimes, we simply feel like we’re not enough. Surely we must be doing something wrong, must have done something wrong in the past. The guilt and doubt comes creeping in but we try our best to push it aside. Because we love them.

We hide our tears and put on a brave face. We’re willing to take their place and wish we could be on the front line of their battles. Because we love them.

We don’t give up. We keep going. We fight, advocate, find ways to make it happen. Because we love them, and they love us. And there is nothing greater than that.

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